• Real Time Location System RTLS - RealTrac - Your up-to-date solution!

    The basis of the Real Time Location System RTLS - RealTrac is a namesake technology developed by Russian scientists which uses the latest scientific discoveries, scientific developments and data processing techniques!

    Real Time Location System RTLS - RealTrac allows locating people and machines in real-time, reliable location and digital communications within the boundaries of any buildings, facilities and restricted areas!

  • Real Time Location System RTLS - RealTrac - Your customized solution!

    Real Time Location System RTLS - RealTrac is universal and applicable in logistics, construction, management, industry, agriculture, manufacturing, mining, medicine, hospitality industry and other fields! 

    RealTrac system is able to successfully solve the problems of locating, monitoring, security and communication within any facility, both independently and being integrated with external systems of security and life support!

  • Real Time Location System RTLS - RealTrac - Your cost-effective solution! 

    We implement projects on introduction of Real Time Location System RealTrac at enterprises and facilities of our partners, allowing them to ultimately streamline business processes and gain new competitive advantages!  

    Real Time Location System RealTrac is a decision with ample opportunities to adapt which take into account all the features of your company, and is able to minimize the risks, reduce business costs, increase profits!

Real Time Location System RTLS - RealTrac is a multipurpose and multifunctional solution to determine the location of people and objects within limited areas and inside the buildings, to realize location and tracking, collect  movements statistics and provide digital communications and data transmission. 

Due to this, Real Time Location System RTLS - RealTrac is able to work effectively wherever it is necessary to implement such control, positioning and communications functions, as well as optimize business and production processes, improve safety level.

Scope of Real Time Location System RTLS - RealTrac application is enterprises of consumer goods manufacturing and large-scale industry, mining, energy and supplies; office buildings, warehouses and logistics centers; transport companies; social and cultural sites, holiday homes and hotel complexes; social facilities, hospitals and nursing homes; objects of agriculture and livestock; public services and systems, and many others.

Real Time Location System RTLS - RealTrac is a complex consisting of fixed and mobile devices, a management server and special software.

The system operates independently from its own hardware. Data transmission is carried out through a digital noise-stop radio channel.  The access points, arranged so that they provide complete covering of the controlled area play the role of satellite systems, whereby the system operation is not affected by weather factors and features of the area topology.

Because of this it is possible to determine the location, fulfill the data transfer and, what is of importance, voice communication, even in closed concrete areas, tunnels, basements - even where there may not be a cellular signal and there are limitations for direct unobstructed signal propagation!

Positioning occurs in real time and with precision to 1 meter. At the same time there is the possibility of statistical data processing and visualization of movement of an object within the boundaries of the premises or for any period of time.

Real Time Location System RTLS - RealTrac can determine the location of people and objects in real time, monitor and analyze their movement inside the buildings and in open terrain, carry out voice and data communications. Possibility of Real Time Location System RealTrac applies to the solution of such global tasks as positioning, control, security, communications.

The main tasks that the RealTrac system can solve:

  • Control over the current location and movement trajectories of people, equipment, and other objects in real time within the boundaries of controlled premises and territories;
  • Quick search of the employee, technology, goods, and other objects within the boundaries of the building and areas;
  • Providing staff with digital communication, the possibility of a bilateral or multilateral voice communications, conversation recording, connecting a call to the fixed telephone network or facility;
  • Navigation, control and preparation of the routes indoors and within limited areas where the RTLS system RealTrac works;
  • Calculation, monitoring and analyzing of the length of routes;
  • Control and collision warning of people and mechanisms;
  • Identifying the object of observation within the boundaries of controlled areas or buildings, automatic connection of video tracking of the object;
  • Working time logging (depending on location);
  • Replacement and addition of ACAS (access control and accounting system), integration with existing control, security and video surveillance systems;
  • The "Panic Button" function;
  • Identifying of "bottlenecks" associated with business processes, as well as the trajectories of movement of people and equipment;
  • Control over the crowds of people;
  • Analysis of conflict situations;
  • Employees’ functional state control (sleep in the workplace, etc.);
  • Determination of man-down;
  • Control over movement presence;
  • Facilitating the evacuation of staff and visitors in case of emergency situations.

Real Time Location System RTLS - RealTrac works in limited areas. It successfully solves the problem of determining the location, localization and communication where the Global Positioning System, being a massive tool, do not work or do not provide the required level of quality of location.

Working Area of the Real Time Location System RTLS - RealTrac is not limited to buildings only, it works successfully in the open space, but what is of importance, it is defined by boundary of the constructed infrastructure.

Real Time Location System RTLS - RealTrac is a design solution. Unlike massively used global positioning systems, the Real Time Location System RealTrac is implemented to meet the needs of a particular business, a particular object, a particular territory, i.e. is a customized, industrial, enterprise solution!

Being implemented within a particular company, it handles your particular unique challenges, defined by individual characteristics of business, facility of implementation, current business processes. Among our partners are companies that specialize in systems integration, and actual "consumers" of the product, which the RealTrac system is intended for in the first place are enterprises and production sites, which operate  in all areas of business and life support.

Technology RTLS - RealTrac is a proprietary RTL-Service engineers’ development.

Real Time Location Systems RTLS - RealTrac which are based on our technologies allow to determine the location of people and objects in real time, monitor and analyze their movement inside the buildings and in open terrain for any period of time, as well as to carry voice and data communications.

Real Time Location System RTLS - RealTrac is an innovative development of Russian scientists, when creating which there were used the latest achievements of Russian and world science and technology!

Reliability and accuracy of the system, intuitiveness, ability to successfully solve various problems associated with determining the location of people and objects, monitoring and analysis of the trajectories of movement, data transfer and voice communications is confirmed by numerous certificates and awards for victories in the prestigious Russian and international competitions!

Extensive integration capabilities, including existing video surveillance, control and safety, warning, communication systems, as well as a private scientific and material and technical base of RTL-Service company allows you to customize a technology solution, taking into account any individual characteristics of the project and the range of tasks that must be solved with the aid of the Real Time Location System RealTrac!


20.11.2014RTL-Service on Slush 2014 event

RTL-Service Company participated in the main event of the world latest business trends and technologies Slush 2014, held in Helsinki on 18 and 19 November.

30.10.2014RTL-Service on AUTOMATION 2014

RTL-Service participated in the 15th International Specialized Exhibition AUTOMATION 2014. It’s traditionally held in St. Petersburg

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RTL-Service Company together with its partner World Wide Sires Russia participated in the 16th Russian Agricultural Exhibition Golden Autumn 2014 was held from 8 to 11 October in Moscow at ENEA


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