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The “RTL Service” Company began its history over 10 years ago at the Petrozavodsk State University. A group of scientists launched the project on creating the system that could solve localization and positioning problems within the premises in real time.

The CJSC “RTL Service” was created in 2009. It managed to consolidate scientific, commercial and financial capacities in order to promote the innovative positioning and communication engineering development.

Today, the “RTL Service” is an international company engaged in the development of the local positioning technologies, as well as in the implementation and support of complex solutions based on them.



RTL Service Company develops, implements and supports the RealTrac innovative high-tech technology produced in Russia. The RealTrac enables our partners/customers to solve complex problems in different spheres, such as control and security level increase, service, logistics, planning, business and resource optimization, which ultimately improves the economic efficiency of your business and increases your profit.


The system of local positioning in “RTL Service” is called RealTrac. The name, in fact, speaks for itself describing the main functions of the system – positioning and communication, localization and tracking the people, equipment and other facilities inside and outside the building, in open areas in real time, i.e. wherever the use of global navigation systems (such as GPS or GLONASS) is impossible or inefficient due to insufficient positioning accuracy.


  • Cutting-edge and breakthrough technologies.
  • Innovation, Development, Implementation, Support.
  • Individual approach.
  • Partnership.



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