Local indoor positioning for warehouses and logistics companies

RealTrac “Logistics” is a contemporary solution based on local positioning technology that provides the analysis of the personnel, assets and vehicles movements within the premises. In addition to that, it detects bottlenecks and eliminates their consequences, whether it is misuse of duty hours or improper use of the equipment.

Tasks solved by the RealTrac system

Monitoring the location of the personnel

Monitoring the personnel location

The system manager can get information both on the current location of personnel and equipment, and on their paths of motions over a specified period. Connection to the RealTrac web-client is available from anywhere.

Control of the location of goods and technology

Monitoring the equipment and assets location 

The system provides real-time monitoring of the location of equipment and goods with the help of tags. It improves the efficiency of forklifts and reduces the time required for operations within the warehouse.

Working hours and access control

Working hours and access level control

The system registers check-in and check-out time, localizes the personnel within specified areas and sends a message to the system manager in case of trespassing. The data may be stored on the server up to 10 years.

Fixing the fact of the collision or falling cargo loader

Transports collisions and cargo drops detection

In case of a collision or cargo drops the system delivers a notification to the system manager for an action to be taken immediately. 

Voice communication with personnel

Voice communication between the personnel

Digital radio communication demonstrates stable performance within the logistics center wherever other systems malfunction. In addition to that, all conversations may be recorded.

Emergency notifications

Emergency notifications

The data transmission channel can be used either for emergency announcements, notifications, issuing warnings, necessary instructions or also for operating additional alarm devices such as: sirens, emergency lights, etc.

Advantages of the RealTrac system

Low cost of system implementation

Low cost of system implementation

Compliance with current Mining Safety Regulations

Compliance with current Mining Safety Regulations

Easy integration with third party systems and sensors

Easy integration with third party systems and sensors

Voice communication within the system coverage area

Voice communication within the system coverage area

The RealTrac system is supplied with the RealTrac Application Server and associated client web-application, including automated work places of the system managers, lamp cabin workers, engineers and other applications. The RealTrac API provides integration with any customer’s management systems.

The RealTrac server in conjunction with PBX provides voice communication between RealTrac mobile devices (intercoms) and any softphones and SIP phones.

Interface dispatching software RealTrac for logistisc

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