Monitoring material objects location

The major function of the RealTrac local positioning system is object positioning indoors. Thus, you can monitor where the equipment, tools and instruments, pallets and other objects equipped with tags are.

There are two types of object positioning in the RealTrac system:

  • Zonal positioning provides object positioning with an approximate accuracy of up to 1-3 meters. Thus, you can know in what zone the required object is.
  • Accurate positioning provides object positioning with an accuracy of up to 10-20 cm. It helps to get the exact current location of the object.

Monitoring material objects location

How is positioning implemented?

A tag is installed on a visible part of a monitored object and access points measure the distance to it. Then access points transfer the received data to the RealTrac server, which calculates the current location of the tag. The system records the data on the tag location afterwards and delivers it as a current data or a report to the system manager.



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