Return on investment (ROI) After implementation of the RealTrac local positioning system

Return on investment is a key aspect for the implementation of any system in the company. Return of investment or ROI is calculated as a number of months required to return financial resources spent on the implementation of the real-time location system (RTLS).

Reducing operational costs after the RTLS implementation

After implementation of the local positioning system (RTLS) 80% of companies achieved ROI within the first 18 months. 10% of companies achieved ROI within the first 24 months.

Another important feature of implementation of any system in the company is to reduce the level of operational expenses and costs. Reducing costs is crucial for making payback analysis. More than 50% of the companies managed to reduce operational costs by 20-50% after implementation of the RTLS.

ROI after implementation of the RTLS

* Research based on more than 350 installations of the local positioning system (RTLS) around the world.

Report VDC Research' of RTLS



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