Real Time Location System

RealTrac local positioning system by RTLS is a multipurpose and versatile solution that is designed for localization and tracking people and objects outdoors and indoors, gathering statistics on movements, providing digital communication and data transmission.

Industry solutions

Модульная система локального позиционирования для шахт

Mining industry

RealTrac local positioning and communication system complies with current State Safety Regulations and delivers sufficient accuracy for underground positioning. Moreover, the system is complemented with voice communication over a digital interference-free channel.

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Модульная система локального позиционирования для производства

Manufacturing and Process Industries

The system is a recent solution that enhances efficiency of modern manufactures and industries at all stages of production. Local positioning system RealTrac is produced in order to make the analysis of the personnel, equipment and vehicles movement, as well as to detect bottlenecks entailing failures, malfunctions and downtime and, as a result, disruptions of the product delivery schedule.

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Модульная система локального позиционирования для логистики

Transportation and Logistics

Local positioning system RealTrac provides the analysis of the staff, goods and vehicles movement within the premises. In addition to that, it eliminates bottlenecks’ consequences, whether it is misuse of duty hours or improper use of the equipment.

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Brand new solution in order to comply with the Safety Regulations in open pits and strip mines by “The RTL Service” Group
The key necessity that mining and exploration companies may face is the compliance with the safety regulation requirements. The “RTL Service” Group has developed a unique system that guarantees this compliance, enables to increase labor security in open pits, reduce labor traumatism and accidents.
The new-generation local indoor positioning RealTrac 3.0 system
The "RTL Service" Group is proud to present a new version of the local positioning system (IPS) RealTrac 3.0. The RealTrac 3.0 built-up system is produced in order to provide positioning, localization and tracking the people, equipment and other objects within the premises or in open zones, wherever the use of traditional global navigation systems is impossible or inefficient.

Automated timekeeping and attendance accounting system using RTLS

Organizations of all sizes use timekeeping and attendance accounting systems to optimize their business processes. Thus, it is necessary to have reliable information about the location of employees at their workplaces or in other areas connected with their duties. At the same time for effective performance assessment it is essential to take into consideration the time when the employee is at workplace but does not do his job.



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